Pedestrian Surprises

Part of my regimen of staying healthy is to keep a sense of humor, especially when it comes to living in a thriving metropolis.  Just because the weather or some people are rather drab, it does not have to influence my outlook. It’s a city – find some surprises, jot down inspirations and innovations. Keep my head in the game and my spirit alive. If the sky shits on you, just get up and brush the dirt off your shoulder like nobody’s business.

Counting my blessings and gentle surprises from the last few days. This entry is dedicated to a young lady and an elderly woman who I encountered on different occasions.

Surprise#1: Today I saw a young girl wearing a pale pink shirt with the word “TUESDAY” in black bold letters. It is Tuesday today. How clever. It raised so many questions in my head. Does she only wear that shirt on Tuesday? Does she have a shirt for every day of the week? Is there a reason she chose Tuesday? Or did she just like the way the font looked? Is Tuesday her bizarre ill-fitting English name? Simple and understated look, yet so thought-provoking! (But really, does she wear that Tuesday shirt on Fridays to be funny?)

Surprise#2: Was just crossing the street at a busy Taipei intersection, walking briskly to the MRT station to get to school. Motorcycles were turning on the green light as well, with one impatient one heading right towards my unsuspecting self. Out of nowhere, an elderly woman walking from the other direction, grabs me by the arm with one fell swoop of the hand, pulling me towards her. Her grip is strong. I look up to see she had reached out her left arm backwards (a difficult feat!) to grab me, shooting out her arm with her sharp assassin reflexes. The mysterious  warrior with a sun-blocking umbrella and 90s-inspired blue denim hat. She said nothing and kept walking forward. I was too shocked to even thank the woman who saved my life. She looked like every other Ah-ma around Taipei.  Thank you, everyday stranger-warrior.


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